La Petite Histoire de France - Season 5 : Episode 1


  • Comedy
  • Family

**1810:** Renata Plancher, cousin of Napoleon, Jean Plancher, and their son Baptiste run an inn, "Chez Bonaparte," in Paris, Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Jean complains that the Emperor has shown them no regard since coming to power. **1695:** Count Philippe Honoré de Roche Saint-Pierre, cousin of Louis XIV, was dismissed from Versailles by the king. He lives with his wife Marie-Louise at the Château de La Croûtinière, 250 kilometers from Versailles. **1430:** François d'Arc is the cousin of Joan of Arc. He lives in Domrémy, Joan's birthplace, with his wife Ysabeau and Gaspard, a sheep breeder. François tries by all means to free his cousin, who is imprisoned by the Burgundians. **1:** Yorik is the cousin of Vercingetorix. He lives at the salt mine of Marsal, in Gallo-Roman Moselle, with his wife Maëlle, his son Briac, his daughter Gwénola, Burgal, Maëlle's brother, and Lena, Yorik's mother.

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